Repetier software

Before you can start 3D printing, you will need a 3D design of something that you want to 3D print and you will need to ‘prep’ it for your Vertex Delta. To ‘prep’ this design, you will need a custom software called Repetier. Just download our customized Repetier Host, install it and start printing, it is easy as that. No more troubles with driver installation or fiddling with settings and config files. This leaves more time for creativity. Try it now!


Latest Firmware

You can choose to download our automatic firmware programmer software for hassle-free firmware updates or if you are feeling more adventurous you can download the marlin source code to compile and upload it using Arduino.

STL files

Open Source CAD files

You can find the CAD files for this printer here:

You can also check out our Thingiverse page here:

Press kit

Download official pictures and logos as well as all Vertex Delta documentation and promotion materials here (available in multiple languages) – Download press kit here